Irgendwas mit DH - Mai 2016 - II

  1. DH Box – Digital Humanities Virtual Workbench : “Setting up an environment for digital humanities computational work can be time-consuming and difficult. DH Box addresses this problem by streamlining installation processes and providing a digital humanities laboratory in the cloud through simple sign-in via a web browser” :

  2. A blog post on by Tony Hirst :

  3. KB Research : Dataset KBK-1M containing 1.6 Million Newspaper Images available for researchers :

  4. Typhoid carrier visualisation of health reports : “Rather than visualising the quantitative data, I was interested in tracing commentary and attitudes around particular themes through time and digging into the content of the collection” :

  5. SHARE : is building a free, open, data set about research and scholarly activities across their life cycle :