An Open Source Alternative to Mailstore for Unix

Recently I used Mailstore in a Windows environment and liked the idea of a fast, graphical frontend for searching a-lot-of e-mails and its archiving cababilities. Mailstore is free for private use, but closed-source and not available for Linux or Unix. As I use offlineimap and the mail system notmuch on my homeserver for archiving e-mails, I came up with this setup, adding netviel behind a reverse proxy to the stack on FreeBSD:

filedriller - BETA 4

filedriller v1.0-BETA-4 was released. filedriller walks a directory tree and identifies all regular files by type with siegfried. Furthermore it creates UUIDv4s, calculates hash sums and entropies. filedriller can also check if the file is in the NSRL. The NSRL check expects a Redis server that serves NSRL SHA-1 hashes. You can use my docker image, i.e. docker pull ampoffcom/nslredis As I use more and more Codeberg instead of Github, you can find the source code on Codeberg.

The NSRL For Hackers

A short article I wrote for 2600 - The Hacker Quarterly. It is about the National Software Reference Library and what they and you can do with it. 2600 is going through tough times right now and I would appreciate it very much if you would buy the magazine, The NSRL For Hackers First published in 2600, 37:3 The National Software Reference Library (NSRL) is something you probably never heard of, although it is one of the largest software collections in the world.

pacaudit discontinued

Pacaudit had a bug that could cause wrong results to be displayed. Since the tool was intended to serve security and I have no time to fix it, I discontinued it and deleted the AUR. The Github repo is archived. Please use arch-audit from the comunity repo.

Sao Tome - Cemetery Of Lost Images

Roaming around the web and Google maps in the Covid-19-lockdown I noticed there is a special place west of Sao Tome. There are a lot of pictures in the Gulf of Guniea, in the triangle of Sao Tome, St. Helena and Ascension. These pictures don’t belong there. I found no other place in Google maps where are images wrongly placed by geo tags in this quantity. Use street view on the following location link: