Steffen Fritz

siegfried - a signature-based file format identification tool

I wrote a PKGBUILD file for siegfried, the “signature-based file format identification tool, implementing the National Archives UK’s PRONOM file format signatures and’s MIME-info file format signatures Install it on Arch Linux with yaourt -S siegfried The package is called siegfried, the binary sf. After the installation run sf -update to fetch a recent version of the signature database. Siegfried is developed by Richard Lehane. For more info check Comments on AUR or via email are highly appreciated!

pacaudit - v.0.3.1

pacaudit v0.3.1 is ready, install it via yaourt. Comments on AUR, github or via email are highly appreciated! Github

pacaudit - v.0.3.0-DEV

pacaudit v0.3.0 is ready and needs some testing. Btw, there are some changes. If pacaudit is executed without flags, it just prints the number of vulnerable packages installed. If executed with -v in verbose mode, it prints the names of the packages, the severities and all CVE. If executed with -n in Nagios mode, it just prints OK, WARNING or CRITICAL. A man page is added. Read it with groff -man -Tascii pacaudit.1 or copy it to /usr/share/man/man1 Get 0.3.0-DEV from github and compile it with go build -o pacaudit -ldflags "-s -w" Comments on AUR, github or via email are highly appreciated!

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