Steffen Fritz

pacaudit - v.0.3.0-DEV

pacaudit v0.3.0 is ready and needs some testing. Btw, there are some changes. If pacaudit is executed without flags, it just prints the number of vulnerable packages installed. If executed with -v in verbose mode, it prints the names of the packages, the severities and all CVE. If executed with -n in Nagios mode, it just prints OK, WARNING or CRITICAL. A man page is added. Read it with groff -man -Tascii pacaudit.

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pacaudit - a package audit for Arch Linux

I wrote a little, but useful helper. pacaudit checks installed packages against known vulnerabilities listed on You should run it after an update because we don’t check for packages that are fixed. It would be no problem to check against all known vulnerabilities, just change the source URL in the code (see the github link), yet it makes no sense to me for a rolling release distribution. You can install it with

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