DigiPress - Mai 2016

News from the digital preservation community

  1. Euan Cochrane wrote a nice tool for the identification of floppy disk formats from kryoflux stream files: github

  2. ffmprovisr - Making FFmpeg Easier: github

  3. Tracking versions with PAV: The PAV ontology specializes the W3C PROV-O standard to give a lightweight approach to recording details about a resource, giving its Provenance, Authorship and Versioning. https://practicalprovenance.wordpress.com

  4. Migrating Files to Preservation Formats - Theory: http://archival-integration.blogspot.de

  5. There Will Be No Digital Dark Age : Archivists on the Issues is a forum for archivists to discuss the issues we are facing today. Linked is a post from Bertram Lyons addressing the alleged “Digital Dark Age.” https://issuesandadvocacy.wordpress.com/

  6. David Rosenthal on the future of storage : dshr’s blog

  7. Transforming Archives: Cheshire Archives and Local Studies on digitisation : blog.nationalarchives.gov.uk

  8. Alexandra Curran with a NDSR-Boston Capstone Poster on Twitter: Sleuthing Digital Preservation Storage Options

  9. imagemagick-identify-parser, a Python utility to parse text output from the ImageMagick Identify tool and convert to JSON, XML and iRODS : on Github

  10. Gary McGath on XKCD on digital preservation : Mad File Format Science

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